CTX650/40 WADER Industrial-Grade Safety Foot Grip by COOLTRAXX

CTX650/40 WADER Industrial-Grade Safety Foot Grip by COOLTRAXX


Heavy-Duty Safety footgrip by COOLRAXX CTX specially designed for flood & deep water work. Excellent also on mud, snow & ice:

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The CoolTraxx ‘WADER’ is a heavy duty safety foot grip which is specifically designed for flood and deep water work.

As a serious work-grip for flood rescue and deep water conditions, it can be easily fitted to any wader or wellington boot. The premium grip gives the stability needed on tricky lake and river beds or in flood situations anywhere. With or without the optional adjustable velcro web-strap that can be purchased separately (subject to availability), the WADER is a re-assuring accessory where deep or flood conditions are encountered.  It provides excellent grip to on mud, snow or ice and is very popular with anglers.

Our XTREME stud cassettes are popular with the WADER footgrip.  However, all stud cassette models can be used and are available for fully inter-changeable use where outdoor conditions require – see all options on this website.  If you are ordering stud cassettes also, please confirm your model choice with order.

NB:  Wader Boots Not Included.  Velcro Strap can be purchased separately (subject to availability).

The CTX System

The CTX inter-changeable Stud Cassette System from COOLTRAXX has changed forever the way we look at winter and all-season footgrips.

Design & patent controlled internationally, the globally unique CTX inter-changeable stud cassette system is the new breakthrough in footgrip safety performance. The world’s first fully inter-changeable, multi-purpose system means that the user can now tackle all conditions and all environments with one pair of grips. With this new system the wearer can move about on different surfaces – even walk indoors – simply by changing the cassette model!

The main chassis construction for all models in the CTX range has a purposely integrated lock-fit design to firmly secure the CTX cassette holder system in place and the overshoe chassis styles have been developed with specific activity and footwear types in mind. Cassettes can simply be snapped into place with the press of a thumb and a Security Locking Key acts as a unique tool for removing them so that inter-changeability or cassette replacement becomes a pleasurable and speedy change-over for different situations or environments.

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CTX is the world-leading Winter Snow & Ice and all-terrain, all-season Traction Foot-Grip range. The unique foot-grip technology has at its heart, the patent-controlled CTX inter-changeable Stud Cassette System that has changed forever the way we look at winter and all-season foot-grip safety. Different overshoe models are available and different stud cassettes are available for multiple recreational activities from walking the dog in the muddy park to fishing to backpacking on slippery terrains. Industrial overshoe models and cassettes are also available, providing secure footing for emergency services in snow & ice or flood and deep water conditions, non-sparking capability for the fuel & gas and aviation industries and electrical non-conducting capability for live-rail environments.


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