RAVINE RAV-118 Durable Cotton HEATED Hooded Jacket for Outdoor Activity

RAVINE RAV-118 Durable Cotton HEATED Hooded Jacket for Outdoor Activity

Dual-purpose, durable Cotton Heated Hooded Jacket for Outdoor Activity. All seasons comfort without the bulk

RRP:  £135.00

Sizes Available:  S  |  M  |  L  |  XL  |  2XL  |  3XL



This dual-purpose, attractive and durable Heated Hooded Jacket by RAVINE adds versatility to their  heated gear line.  With 3 integrated carbon fiber heating elements between the durable cotton exterior and the waffle-weave thermal lining, heat is distributed and maintained across core body areas. An adjustable heat zone that spans the chest and back provides the right amount of heat for any season.

In Spring and Autumn the Heated Jacket can be worn as a rugged outer layer. In harsh winter conditions, it works best as a solitary base layer generating and holding heat close to the body that allows users to shed bulky undergarments. Whether for Work-Place use or Outdoor Activity this ‘heated hoodie’ provides up to 6 hours of continuous heat per power-pack charge to keep you moving without the need for multiple layers.




RAVINE is a Cooltraxx Group global manufacturer of high-quality specialist heated wearables including heated & adjustable waistcoats and gilets, heated long coats, heated gloves, heated ear-muffs & headbands and heated footwear & accessories.  Through its technical division, Cooltraxx Group delivers the unique, re-chargeable, Lithium-Ion technology that provides the heating source for all RAVINE garments and accessories.


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