RAVINE Sport – ‘ASPEN’ Electrically Heated Outdoor & Winter Sport Gloves

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RAVINE Sport – ‘ASPEN’ Electrically Heated Outdoor & Winter Sport Gloves

FABULOUS Waterproof, Electrically Heated Gloves for Cold Weather Sufferers, Winter Outdoor Activities & Winter Sports

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The  new ‘ASPEN‘ Electrically-Heated Gloves from RAVINE have a long-lasting and re-chargeable Lithium-Polymer power-pack to keep you warm for hours, whatever the conditions.  They are waterproof and can be used for many recreational outdoor & sporting activities, including Walking & Back-Packing, Golf, Horse-Riding, Fishing – and of course Winter Sports, including Ski-ing.  The gloves are carefully constructed with several special layers of special fabrics designed to keep the water out and keep the heat in, while maintaining normal comfort and breathability.  They have a tensioning wrist-strap for an adjustable comfort fit and a tie-pull snow cover to keep the snow, water or dust out.  There is a special PU panel on the palm to help prevent damage to the fabric.

There is a Power-On/Power-Off button on the back of each glove which is also used to change temperature settings between High, Medium and Low heat as conditions require.  The power button displays a different colour back-light with each temperature setting.  Usage time depends on prevailing conditions and temperature settings chosen but if heat settings are used constantly, typical usage times would be approx. 2 – 2.5 hours on High, 3 – 4 hours on Medium and 4-5 hours on Low.  However, it is unlikely you will need to maintain heat constantly and a short burst of heat will normally do the trick and power can then be turned off.  Please Note:  the power button is positioned on the back of the hand to avoid damage.  If the power button does become damaged – whether by accident or incorrect use of the gloves – the heating elements may not function properly or at all.

The Lithium-Polymer power-packed is housed in a compact zipper compartment above the wrist so that it is completely out of the way and will not obstruct activities.  It is designed to be re-charged many times without affecting performance.  Full re-charging will take 2-4 hours depending on power remaining in the power-pack.

WARNING:  These gloves are designed for recreational use only.  They are NOT industrial or work gloves and should not be used for any industrial or work purposes.  If they are used for any such activities, the gloves may become torn or damaged and this may prevent the heating elements, thermal performance and waterproofing from functioning normally.

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RAVINE is a Cooltraxx Group global manufacturer of high-quality specialist heated wearables including heated & adjustable waistcoats and gilets, heated long coats, heated gloves, heated ear-muffs & headbands and heated footwear & accessories.  Through its technical division, Cooltraxx Group delivers the unique, re-chargeable, Lithium-Ion technology that provides the heating source for all RAVINE garments and accessories.


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